Contoh Narrative Text

A Poor Young Man Became a Prince

Once upon a time, there lived a poor young who had a handsome face named Sergei. He lived in a spring town.

One day Sergei saw a castle across from his home. He really wanted to be a prince. He thought if he could become a prince he would be a wise prince. But he knew, it was not possible. Because he was just a poor young man.

So the next day, he wanted to saw the castle closer. He walked from his home with doubt. And then there was a young man approached Sergei and said, “What would you do? Do you want to get into this palace?”. “Um..yes you are right! I really want to get into this castle!” Sergei answered. “Let’s get into the castle. I was a bellboy in this castle. The king and queen here is very kind, surely they received your coming.” said the young man. “O.K! Thank you!”

After that, Sergei was very impressed with the castle buildings. The castle was more magnificent when viewed up close. He walked and showed his admiration for the castle. Then a girl appeared with a beautiful dress. She had long glow golden hair. She looks very pretty and charming. And she definitely is the princess in this castle. The young man greeted her politely. “Good morning Princess Kate” said the young man. “Morning..” Princess Kate answered with a smile. “Who is he? Whether he is a new bellboy here?” asked the Princess Kate. She smiled at Sergei. “I’m just a poor young man who live across this castle, Princess” said Sergei. “Let’s go into the castle and breakfast with us” said the Princess.

Sergei was suprised because he saw many beautiful stuff here. He didn’t thought if he could get into this castle. He was very happy and proud. When they reached the dining room, Sergei saw the King Charles and Queen Diana. They smiled at Sergei and invited him to sit down and ate.

“You’re a nice person, Sergei. Thank you for coming to this castle, you can come back to the castle at any time” Said the king Charless. “Oh, thank you Sir. Thank you already invited me to breakfast together” Sergei answered. “One moment, you can marry my daughter, Kate. You are a suitable husband for her. You’ll be the wise prince” said the Queen Diana. Sergei saw Kate’s face blushed. Sergei left the palace.

Finally, Sergei and Kate married. All the people there are very happy because the Princess Kate was married. Now, Sergei no longer a poor young man. He was a wise prince. They are a happy couple☺


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